Que Sera Sera


I have two sites to recommend to you, and both involve the word “choke.” Isn’t that cute. Pretend I had something clever to say about it, because all I can think of now is how I could really go for the Chokes & Cheese appetizer from The Bistro in Tulsa.

1) Josh Allen is one of the reasons the internet should exist. I’ve enjoyed everything he’s produced online, from Knowledge for Thirst (RIP) with Kevin Fanning to his national treasure-like Twitter feed, and now Chokeville. Go.

2) My friend Megan the artist recently started a website called Fine Artichoke, offering well-curated, limited edition prints that would look especially nice in rooms where you eat. Their slogan is “original art for hungry walls.” Are you decorating a kitchen or dining room? Do you own a diner or restaurant or cafe? Can you give me free cake? If the answer to any of those is yes, check out Fine Artichoke. They were featured on Design*Sponge last week so go now, before all the good stuff sells out. (Don't worry: there will be new cool stuff if that happens.)

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