Que Sera Sera

Talkin' about the innernette on the innernette

My last Dooce guest post is up, and I’m talking about Twitter. I am embarrassed to admit that a quick search reveals that I talk about Twitter a lot, although usually on my Tumblr, Damn, Gina, which I update at least once a day, whereas I let my blog sit dormant for days and even weeks at times. Why is this? Tumblr feels more intimate and friendly, the things I liked about blogging back in 2002. Also Tumblr is easier, cheaper, less formal, more fun, and that’s just the kind of girl I am, so that shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

One thing: Tumblr makes more sense if you start one one yourself. Even if you don’t post, that way you can read everyone you follow in your dashboard, all at once, and give feedback and reply and reblog and what have you there. On Monday I’ll post a list of my favorite Tumblrs for you to follow, if you’re interested in funny people and good writers and pictures of Skeksis. Basically all the good things in life.

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