Que Sera Sera

You say potato, I say let's do this

I have another guest post up at Dooce, this time about how I’m not planning a wedding. Not for lack of trying: when I visited in January, I told my mother I wanted to recreate the Wendy’s Super Bar at our wedding reception, all pasta salad and chocolate pudding and croutons, maybe even buy an actual dismantled Super Bar off the internet, and my mother said, “No.” And then I brought out the big guns, the only wedding dream I’ve ever had, which is the Potato Buffet. Mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, french fries, tater tots, potatoes au gratin, pierogis, hash browns, whatever, and then just a bar of condiments and fixins. God do I love a fixin. My mother said, “Are you being serious? Absolutely not, no, that’s a horrible idea,” but my father smiled, so I think I still have a wedge there, no pun intended.

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