Que Sera Sera


So, I’m pretty old. One day away from being as old as Jesus. And I’ve never been particularly with it (see: the time I had to ask what “oh snap” meant because I couldn’t figure it out from “contextual clues”; the time I disastrously googled “sheboy” instead of “shaboy” after listening to lots of Jay-Z; just now, when I had to look up Jay-Z on Wikipedia to make sure he had a hyphen). I just sent the following email to my friend Chris:

Chris, help me. I feel old and confused. Can you please explain the “bros icing bros” phenomenon that everyone keeps talking about but never actually explaining?

He replied:

It’s man stuff. http://deadspin.com/5557348/the-awful-epitome-of-brahsomeness-bros-icing-bros

The best part of that article:

“Have some free will, turn down the Ice, and go about your business. That’s what Paul fucking Newman would have done. You think anyone tried to ice Paul Newman? Paul Newman would have raped your head if you tried to pull that shit.”

While I don’t necessarily think Paul Newman would have raped anyone’s head, I still think this is excellent advice. If you’re a man and you live your life by the code, “What would Paul Newman do in this situation?” you’re going to mostly do all right.

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