Que Sera Sera

Toodle pip

Last night’s charity Cringe with Ctrl.Alt.Shift was great. Guests of note included Brett Anderson of Suede, Mathew Horne of Gavin & Stacey, Alexa Chung, Henry Holland, Eleanor Gecks of Alice in Wonderland, Dr. Irving Finkel, head curator of cuneiform inscriptions and Ancient Mesopotamian studies at the British Museum, and most importantly, readers Alice, Janine, Nick, Silvia, Melissa, Victoria, Nina, Tim, Helena, Ana, and Julia.

Tomorrow I go to my first cricket match! Nick’s cricket club, The Gentleman’s Relish, is having their first match of the season -- in Oxford, no less. I don’t think you can get more English than that unless you’re wearing tweed underwear. Sorry, knickers. I will be wearing my Yosemite Sam pair as always, and shoot my pistols excitedly into the air whenever they get a home run. I’ve been told I can bring a book and there's a break for sandwiches and cake, so this is my new favorite sport already.

I like England so much more in May than I did in February.

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