Que Sera Sera

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There’s a really great article about Cringe in the latest issue of Grazia, the one with Lily Allen on the cover. There’s a paragraph in it that mentions how I met Nick:

“It’s not just a night for the ladies, either. Sarah met her fiancĂ©, Nicholas, at the last London Cringe. He recited a poem he’d written to a girl called Rosy: [long excerpt of this poem omitted so that Nick will continue sharing a bed with me; buy the book if you want to read it]. Sadly, Rosy spurned his advances and grew up to become a Buddhist nun, but Nicholas and Sarah bonded, have been together a year and are planning to marry next spring.”

Sometimes I think about what ten year old me, or twenty year old me, or even one year ago me would think if I could somehow tell her/us a few sentences about what’s going on in my/our life right now. Those seem like worthy candidates to ensure a good whaaaaa? face.

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