Que Sera Sera

Six fun-filled days

We are in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I can’t think of it as just Cape Cod; it always has to be Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This is because I cannot hear anyone say “Cape Cod” without in my head hearing Tom Hanks in Splash get into the cab in Manhattan and direct the driver, “Cape Cod, Massachusetts.” As a six year old in Oklahoma, I didn’t really get why that was funny, but as a 32 year old in Brooklyn, I wonder what that cab fare would have been then and in present day dollars. I still don’t believe the guy took him.

This sort of thing happens inside my head at least once a day. I wonder if other people do this. In addition to the songs permanently stuck in my head, I have a constant rotation of movie quotes. I spend most of the time repressing the urge to say them out loud, because while singing a catchy song just annoys other people, randomly spouting off, “Oh, I’m afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive,” just makes everyone think you have Tourette’s.

Aside from “Cape Cod, Massachusetts,” I’ve also retained:

Basically any movie we had on Betamax in 1985, all of its dialogue lives in my brain, all of the time. Sometimes I just get Jabba the Hutt’s laugh on loop in my head.

Do other people do this? This is a thing, right? Tell me it’s a thing.

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