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Hair Update: I'm cured

I washed my hair in holy water and now everything's fine, the end.

No, okay. So I’m in Tulsa for a bit and my mom made an appointment for me with her hairdresser, Sam. Sam has been doing my mom’s hair for 30 years and knows her shit and I knew she wasn’t just going to try to sell me some crap products. She asked me if I’d had my thyroid checked, and I said no, but I’d read a lot about it online and didn’t have one single symptom, just some tacky hair. Then she asked me what products I used and said that the L’Oreal Vive conditioner and the Curls Rock styling paste were full of polymers, and build-up from them had coated my hair so thick that she had to shampoo it with Pureology clarifying shampoo three times before it even sudsed up. But after the third time, it was stripped and clean and it looks and feels like my old healthy hair again. So I’m never using either of those products again, and she sent me home with lots of Pureology bottles and samples instead, because they’re good for your hair and not full of crap and polymers. Sam also told me to tell you, the internet, never ever to use Pantene because they’re the worst. So let’s have an honor code here you guys.

I guess I now have a hair care regimen: I’m supposed to wash my hair twice daily with Pureology Purify shampoo, use the Instant Repair leave-in conditioner, and once a week, use the Reconstruct/Repair conditioner. Then I’m going to use the Real Curl creme for styling/anti-frizz and man just typing all of that is a lot of work and I should be getting paid to endorse all this shit. My mom said, “I hope you realize that your hair is now officially high maintenance,” and I was like aww man, but it’s worth it to have hair that looks and feels and smells this good, and anyway, this entire process still takes less than ten minutes.

This might not be a very exciting post, but everyone kept emailing asking for an update, and who doesn’t like a happy ending, right? Okay now let’s never talk about it again.

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