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Hi! I’m going to talk about my hair now.

About three months ago, my hair started feeling weird. (Right, who’s still with me? The boys have left by now, definitely.) The back of it, on the right hand side, from the top of my scalp to the bottom of my neck, is permanently icky. Even immediately after washing, it looks and feels like it needs to be washed. I thought maybe I needed to switch to an oily hair shampoo, so I did. No change. I cleaned all my combs and brushes and quit using product. Still no change. I stopped conditioning the ends. No change. I asked my hairdresser, and she said to buy Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. No change. I tried just not washing it for a few days and switched pillowcases and drank more water. Nothing.

I have not changed my diet or started any new medication. I take Vitamin E daily. I’ve been using the same shower for five and a half years, and neither of my roommates are having this problem. My hair was NOT like this when I was in Oklahoma for Christmas, and not like this so much while I was in London.

I don’t know what else to try, but I’m tired of having hair funk in the back right quadrant. Like Jo from Little Women, my hair is my one true beauty, and frankly, I’m tired of having to think about it for longer than my usual five minutes a day, so please, overwhelm and confuse me with your tips and suggestions. I will consider whipping up some hippie home remedy if you say so. Seriously, even if you suggest I get all Elizabeth Báthory, I’ll at least nod thoughtfully while reading.

My usual hair care regimen:

My current hair care regimen:

What the back of my head usually looks like

What the back of my head looks like now


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