Que Sera Sera


I had such a good year it seems almost dickish to recap it. 2008 was full of good friends and new friends and family and travel and fun; the book came out and I signed a second deal and I met someone amazing, so looking back, even the low points seem pretty lame. Like oh, I endured some mild sexual harassment and secondhand crab salad fumes and cried in a tepee. Also someone asked me to draft a letter to the Sunglass Hut for them, but that’s just funny now. And probably was then, honestly.

The brief rundown:

Favorite concert of 2008: The Breeders on my birthday
Best movie experience of 2008: In-theater drinking game with Chris and Tracie during National Treasure 2: Hey You Guys These Rocks Get Darker If You Get Them Wet/Nuts in May, hungover in London
Best book read in 2008: Roger's Profanisaurus
Song of 2008: "I’m A Cuckoo"/"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"
Best TV Show of 2008: So You Married A Fifth Grader (-- Evany Thomas)
Only near-death experience of 2008: self-Heimlich, midnight, Saturday after Thanksgiving
Best birth control of 2008: Atlantic Center Target, this one fancy toy shop in Covent Garden, all airplanes
Worst birth control of 2008: Esme
Best life guru of 2008: Mary J. Blige
Best emailers of 2008: Kfan & Liz
Best hats of 2008: marine hats
Best day of 2008: August 26
Most auspicious day of 2008: October 26
Best worst drink of 2008: Merrydown cider

This might also be the year I settled down a little. To be honest, I spent most of it wishing I was doing crosswords in bed. I mean, I still behave like I am my own toddler in terms of mealtimes and bedtimes and, uh, most times, but last night at the restaurant I caught myself coveting the steamed broccoli off the plate of the woman next to us, and the Christmas gift I was most excited about was a new vacuum. I just cleaned my baseboards with a special attachment and was like UUHHHHHNNNNGGG SO GOOD who am I I DON’T CARE ANYMORE. I’m supposed to go to a party tonight but at the moment I’m seriously considering staying in and taking a bath and reading a book instead. Look who's a grown up. With pizza on her pajamas.

I am so ready for 2009 I can hardly stand it. I hope you’re happy and well.

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