Que Sera Sera


We have eight guests coming for Thanksgiving this year, and Megan is in charge of the turkey. About two hours ago Megan called and said she was sick in bed, could I go buy the turkey for her and put it in our fridge? I said sure, go back to bed, drink lots of water, I’m on it, don’t worry, so of course right now I’m still in my pajamas, unshowered, and trying to eat everything on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator to make room for this turkey that I do not yet own. That’s not going so well. I don’t know whose pizza that was but I took a bullet for you.

Aside from not buying the turkey yet, I’m on pie detail (your mom, etc). I’m making pecan pie, which is the only kind of pie I really love aside from key lime. I am not a cook, but I do prefer my pecan pie over all other pecan pies, except maybe the one at Cowgirl in the West Village. I use my great-grandma Kennedy’s recipe. My great-grandma Kennedy was married in a covered wagon at age 14 because she was too shy to come outside, so the preacher climbed inside the wagon and married them there. This was in 1905, two years before Oklahoma became a state. They had six children who lived to adulthood, the third of which was my grandma, who met my grandpa while picking cotton. They moved to California during the Dust Bowl to pick fruit. My dad was born in Alameda, CA, in 1945, and they moved back to Oklahoma before he started kindergarten. I really feel that all of this comes through in the pie and makes it what it is, which is fucking amazing. Much better than Chocolate Final Solution.

Oh you know what really hits the spot is a piece of pecan pie with Cool Whip and a Pepsi at about 11:30 on Thanksgiving night oh maaaaaan am I from Oklahoma or what I don’t care it’s so good.

Anyway, I’m excited to have another Brooklyn Widows and Orphans Thanksgiving, although minus the truth serum healthtinis and impromptu BJ symposium this time because Alicia’s mom will be here. Unless she’s into that.

I have to go puke now but I feel like I should say I’m thankful for 2008, the absolute best year of my life so far, for so many reasons.

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