Que Sera Sera

Today is the day

I may not have mentioned this before, but I recently compiled a book called Cringe, and it’s on sale today. I am very proud of this book, and I think you should buy it. It’s funny, it’s hardcover, it’s full color, it’s not too heavy, and it would make a perfect gift. It’s available at all of these booksellers, online and in stores.

This book is made up of material from so many funny people. Many of them have websites, and you should go look at those as well. Here is the list of Cringe contributors:

Heather Armstrong
Jan Arvanetes
Marc Balgavy
Jen Bandini
Jennifer Boyer
Alice Bradley
Erin Bradley
Heather Burford
Holly Burns
Brian Byrne
Jay Carlson
Tracy Carr
Lori Dalton
Millie de Chirico
Bree Ma’Ayteh Dunscombe
Gabrielle Fine
Erinn Foley
Josh Gallaway
Erin Glaser
Johanna Gohmann
Elizabeth Goodman
Dana Gulino
Sandra Heikkinen
Danielle Henderson
Greg Howard
Maggie Jacobstein
Erin Keane
Blaise Kearsley
Liz Kellermeyer
Sarah Kelly
Tracie Masek
Margaret Mason
Marc Mazique
Aaron McQuade
Joshua Neuman
Joshua Newman
Sarah Niersbach
Hollie Pocsai
Davy Rothbart
Aubrey Sabala
Audrey Shupp Sahns
Kitty Joe Sainte-Marie
Rita Schepok
John Sellers
Amy Shapiro
Kristine Smith
Ariel Meadow Stallings
Elizabeth Summers
Brad Walsh
Jessica Wiseman

They are all fantastic, and I am so lucky to have them in this book.

Go, click, buy, read! And thank you.

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