Que Sera Sera

You look beautiful for 47

Good morning! I want to thank you for all the nice birthday wishes. I had a really great day. Thanks to having slowed my roll to a near-standstill lately, I managed to get just tipsy enough from two pint glass-sized vodka lemonades at dinner to be a very happy, smiley drunk for the rest of the evening, then sweated it all out during the show, and woke up this morning hangover-free, so I’d have to say that I’d really recommend 31 so far. I’m fortunate enough to be almost constantly surrounded by friends who love and humor me, except for when I want to be alone and do my crossword puzzles in bed, I have nice hair, and tonight is my semi-annual date with Robert Plant. If I ever complain, I want you to glare hard and silently point at me until I shape up.

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