Que Sera Sera

CEO of Hart Industries

I would like to thank whoever mailed me this glossy black and white 8×10” photo of Jennifer and Jonathan Hart. I would also like to apologize for not knowing who sent it. I hope you are a cute guy so we have a great story to tell our grandchildren someday.

I showed the picture to my roommate when I opened it, and she said, “Who is that?” and I said, “It’s Jennifer and Jonathan Hart,” and she looked at me blankly so I went on, “From the ‘80s TV show Hart to Hart. They were glamorous jetsetters who fought crime.” It used to come on TBS on weekdays at one when I was in college, and several times I skipped my two o’ clock class so I could find out who did it. Then I’d feel bad about that decision, at least until Banacek came on next.

So my roommate said, “Well, who have you talked about Hart to Hart with lately?” and I came up with at least four names, so maybe I should just apologize to everyone I know. Starting with my roommate, because I want to frame this and hang it in the kitchen.

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