Que Sera Sera

Five months, two days

this picture makes me happy, originally uploaded by Sarah Brown.

I’m starting to get excited about the book. It comes out June 17, and last week I met with my editor to go over the first pass page by page. This was the first time I’d seen the entire manuscript typeset in the design, and it looks fantastic. There are some really funny people in this book. Also, I really like my editor. She put on some Morrissey and The Cure while we went over it, just to set the mood.

The other good news is the troll sticker is gone from the cover. You probably didn’t know about the troll sticker because it was not something I could talk about. It’s still on Amazon, and probably will be forever for all I know, but all that matters is that it’s not on the cover and I can stop having panic attacks thinking about it. The troll sticker came out of nowhere, and I had some very strong feelings about it, feelings that could only be expressed after I breathed deeply several times and maybe had a drink. I didn’t even want to show people that it was on Amazon because I knew they’d say, “Whoa, what’s with the fucking troll?” and I’d say, “I know, it’s wrong, it skews too young and cuts out the guys and also the only people who were really into troll dolls were weird girls whose houses smelled funny.” And then I’d have to have a breakdown or change the subject. So basically like every other conversation I have, but still.

Anyway, it all worked out and the new cover is awesome and exactly what I’d pictured from the beginning. And now I can focus on what I should have the first time I saw this: holy shit, I am on Amazon. You can search my name on Amazon! And you will see other Sarah Brown authors, Sarah Browns who are experts on vegetables and stained glass and sex offenders and magic. God but I wish we could have a party, these other Sarah Browns and me. You know that magic Sarah Brown has some good weed.

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