Que Sera Sera

Whole Lotta Love

One more thing I am thankful for: tickets to see Led Zeppelin in London on December 10.

That’s right: Roy won the Led Zeppelin lottery. Led Zeppelin, reuniting for the first time in twenty years, the only way to get a ticket was to enter your name in a lottery, at least one million people entered, Jimmy Page fractured his finger, they had to reschedule, a few spots were freed up, and Roy was one of the lucky ones. Roy, I am so glad that time at the bar a few months back when we were talking about how we both entered this lottery, we agreed that if either of us won, we’d take the other, and we shook on it. THANK YOU BEER. THANK YOU ROY. THANK YOU JIMMY PAGE GET WELL SOON.

The icing on this cake is that I was already planning a trip to London at this time, for the next London Cringe (more on that to come). I don’t know what’s happened, someone gave up their voodoo doll of me or Mercury went out of retrograde or something, but this timing is amazing. Now I get to see my favorite (disbanded) band of all time, exactly three years after seeing my second favorite (disbanded) band of all time! Exactly six months from my thirtieth birthday, when I was also in London! And I was already going back to London! Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy! Kennedy’s secretary was named Lincoln! Don’t let that scare you! Let that free you!

I have to go eat some cheese now. More later. Happy Thanksgiving!

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