Que Sera Sera

Night Owl

Recently I haven’t been going to bed until 4 am. I like that world, that late night quiet world, where everything is dark and still and you are the only person alive. Sometimes you need to feel completely alone. It’s such a relief. It’s a good time to think. The one rule is, you can make decisions while the sun is down, but don’t ever act on them until after it comes up.

In college sometimes, I’d get ready for bed, and then put my coat and gloves on over my pajamas and drive until just before dawn. Every once in awhile now, I stay awake until right before the sun comes up, just for fun, just for the binge and purge of it. Once the sun rises, it feels sort of cheap. That’s the catch. You have to go to bed before it gets too light.

Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas.

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