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Damn Time

finally, originally uploaded by Sarah Brown.

I have been editing and writing and not sleeping for days, hurrying to get the Cringe book finished. At one point this weekend, things got a little rough and I sent this text message to my agent, Anne: “They are going to send bounty hunters after me. My mother will cry forever. Seriously can you get me some speed.”

But my mother won’t have to cry, or at least can cry about different things, because this motherfucker is DONE! And now I’m going to fly to Tulsa and bake cookies with my dad and go to Target with my mom and watch MST3K with my brother, and drive to Texas and meet my cousin’s new baby and hang out with my whole family in the hot tub at 1 am, listening to them telling each other about all the ghosts they’ve seen, and this time I even have one of my own to tell.

I am relieved to have this work behind me, but now I’m really excited to see the book all printed and finished. It comes out April 2008, and you are going to want to buy it, if you like laughing. Also if you like it when I eat and have a roof. There are so many awesome contributors, and I’m so proud of this. Of everyone. Of you. Let’s have a beer. Just let me shower first.

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