Que Sera Sera

Two months later

eurostar snack, originally uploaded by Sarah Brown.

Today I finally posted my last picture from my trip to London and Paris back in June. I didn’t ever really write in detail about my trip here because I was telling the story of each picture on Flickr. I had an amazing time, and can’t wait to go back, maybe even sooner than later.

I took about 600 pictures, but “only” posted 450. I intended to upload each day at a time, but then halfway through that process, I went on another trip. I realized that yesterday was the two month anniversary of returning from London, so I figured I should probably get the rest of them on Flickr, because lord knows I have nothing else important to do. (In the past few days, I also reorganized my closet, scrubbed the microwave and toaster oven, cleaned out the refrigerator, and resorted all of my internet bookmarks. God forbid I get around to the last revisions on this book.) Anyway, I doubt this will be exciting news to anyone other than my parents, but if you are interested, you can see the complete set on Flickr. Be sure to check for subsets of note, like London Cringe, Landmarks Coming Out of Tony’s Head, and Sarah With Famous Butts.

Posting the last picture from the trip made me almost as bummed as I was the day I had to leave. New York, sometimes you’re great, but right now, I’m just not that into you. Don’t worry, though. Fall always helps.

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