Que Sera Sera

The ice age is coming, the sun's zooming in

Hi! I’m in London. I’m sitting in the back garden of Tiffany and Amanda’s flat, where I logged into gmail, looked at all of the waiting messages, and then immediately logged back out.

I’ve done a lot of things over the past few days, like visited the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, and taken a nap at the Tate Modern, and been a guest on a radio show with a woman called the Worm Lady while a man named Armando painted our picture. What? Yes. I would not lie to you. We’ve also been to Bath, which was beautiful, and Stonehenge, some very old rocks you may have heard of, at risk of being trampled by dwarves. We stopped by Windsor Castle, and the flag flying told us the Queen was in residence, so Tony asked a very nice lady selling something called luxury ice cream if she’d seen the Queen, and she said, “Well yes, when she gives us our Christmas presents.”

The weather has been fantastic, very sunny and warm, which seems pretty un-English, and naturally, we suspect the druids have something to do with it. Tony and Emily flew home today, and Anne gets in tomorrow, and then we take the train to Paris, where I hear they have a lot of gold and mirrors and bread. I’m down.

Oh! I meant to tell you my favorite story so far. At Westminster Abbey, I asked one of the vergers, a very nice older lady, what her favorite story or part of the Abbey was. She said, “Well, I fell in love with Westminster when I was a very little girl. The day after Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, my mother brought me in to the Abbey to visit her friend, who was the Don at the time. Now during the war, most of the peers and peeresses put their finery in storage, and got them out to wear to the coronation without much upkeep, so every time they were to bow their heads during the service, a rain of loose diamond shards fell from all the ladies’ crowns. The next day, we came in to see all of these ladies and duchesses crawling around Westminster Abbey on their hands and knees, searching for their lost diamonds.”

Okay, I’m off to meet Jed at a pub! Josh and Mia and Roy, Jed says hi!

(I’ll update again soon about Cringe on the 13th. I’m sure you are all waiting with bated breath.)

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