Que Sera Sera

Girls With Glasses

I am reading this Saturday night at the Girls With Glasses Spextravaganza, "a spec-tacular evening of words and music," in honor of Marissa Walsh’s new book, Girl With Glasses: My Optic History.

I’ve never done a reading that wasn’t Cringe or WYSIWYG, so I can’t promise I’ll be funny or charming, but I will wear my glasses and be in fine company.

Saturday, March 31st, 7 pm
Bluestockings Bookstore, 172 Allen St. at Stanton St.
(F, V to Second Ave.)

Featuring: Marissa Walsh, Tara Emelye of The Reverse, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Siobhan Adcock, and more

Be there and be square.

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