Que Sera Sera


Internet, please allow me to tell you that John Oliver from the Daily Show was at Cringe tonight. Just watching. With a friend. Who lives in the neighborhood. They read about it and thought they’d come check it out. You know, whatever.

I broke my rule of not ever talking to famous people and went over to talk to him, and while I was crossing the room, I thought, “Wow, what are you about to say right now, Sarah?” And sadly, what I basically said was, “I know you! You were on my TV last night!” Then I stuck a piece of straw between my teeth and thumbed my overalls. And then I went into the bathroom and put a gun to the roof of my mouth. So what I’ve learned from this is that I should never break my rule of not talking to famous people. He was very nice, though.

I feel lamer just typing this.

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