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We all lie, Deb

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CringeyWYG was a lot of fun. Josh Newman started the show with a little story about spending an entire month’s allowance on some sweet Z. Cavaricci jean shorts. Who among us hasn't been there? Marc "Death to Brandon Walsh" Balgavy revealed his softer side and read some sweet secret admirer letters he sent to his neighbor. Lindsay Robertson donned her high school boyfriend’s flannel shirt to set the mood and read about her journey with God, as well as little Kurt poem. This is the third Cringe shout-out Cobain has received, and I’m starting to think there's an entire book of bad poems written on April 8, 1994 just waiting to be published. (DIBS.) WYSIWYG host Chris Hampton spun a charming tale about meeting a mustachioed man named Barry at the skating rink. And Jason Boog closed with his LSD-fueled spoken-word piece dedicated to his high school bus driver that began, "We all lie, Deb," and also included the phrase, "I fucked the universe." It was sheer magic and made the back of my neck tingle. You can see the pictures here if you're into that sort of thing.

Having Cringe in Manhattan brought out a lot of new faces. (Hi Ben, hi Damon!) I love meeting people who come out to the show and hearing their favorite parts. My favorite part, as always, is being in the same room with so many funny people who are willing to take the piss out of themselves. Also the prizes were a nice touch.

I hope to see you at the Cringe pilot taping November 11. My parents and brother hope to see you there too, because they’re flying in for it. Sweeeeeet.

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