Que Sera Sera

Sweet pickles is great!

The second installment of the F. Scott & Friends Bourbon & Brylcreem Hour is available at iTunes, or you can download it directly from Josh’s site. I don’t know whether or not this one is as funny as the first one, but I do know we need to get our drinking game plan down better, because the really drunk part of the evening didn’t come til later, after we’d taken off our headphones and left the house. I slapped Josh across the face three times and couldn’t raise my head off the pillow until well after 2 pm the next day. Might as well get this out of my system before I have kids, right?

Also, consider yourself warned: there is singing. Singing I was not aware was going to be used in the podcast, but still, singing. You are going to die on the inside.

Bonus: podcast photos. In case you wondered what we looked like while we were talking. Next time I’ll look into some smell-o-vision.

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