Que Sera Sera


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The super-awesome Andrea Spencer made this illustration of me taking my pet dinosaur to the Book Fair, which is arguably one of the most important parts of my day, up there with eating a balanced breakfast, or passing out on top of my covers with my lights, stereo, and clothes still on. As someone whose only artistic flair was drawing plaid boxes in the margins of my notebook all through school, I am so envious of her talent it makes me bite my own fist. Also, back when Friendster first started, Andrea listed her "who she wanted to meet" as "grim death," and to this day when I remember that, I'm always like, damn, that's good! I wish I'd thought of that first!

Anyway, this is officially my first commissioned artwork, meaning I Have Arrived and I'm sure now I'll start being invited to parties with themes and trust fund kids and tons of coke. Oh, wait.

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