Que Sera Sera

Crimes against humanity

I was just reading today’s goldenfiddle update, and it is drowning in good shit—multiple instances of celebrity comeuppance, Arrested Development news, a fine piece of photojournalism about Tom Hanks’ hair, even a link to the most recent Vice Dos and Don’ts. All precisely the kind of news you want to read at 4:45 on a Thursday.

Then I saw this link about Ghostbusters 3 and I was all OH HELL YES until I got to the part where it says “Ben Stiller will fill in for Bill Murray.” NOOOO! My colleague Jay Carlson weighs in: “The man will do Garfield 2: A Tale of Two Kitties, but not reprise the role that made us love him?”

Speaking of horrible ideas, Julia Roberts is the voice of Charlotte in the new Charlotte’s Web. (Why did they need to update that? Is AOL involved?) Guess who plays Fern? Dakota Fucking Fanning. If Tom Cruise played Templeton and they all exploded in the end, this would be my new favorite movie.

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