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Best of Cringe

UPDATE: Holy crap for crap! Cringe gets a mention on the cover of the New York Metro today! Along with some strange stock photo of a crestfallen mom. Awesome! If you aren’t coming tonight, maybe that’s okay, because I feel like there’s potentially going to be some fire code violations. But also rumors of cake. Your call!

Tomorrow night is the Best Of Cringe One Year Anniversary show, and it’s going to be, uh, the best. Of the past year. With a few treats and surprises. Featuring such one-name-only crowd pleasers as Blaise, Marc, Stuart, Aaron and Josh, plus other funny people who do not have websites, or maybe they do, and I am forgetting them because I do not have the program list in front of me right now. You should come. I know I’m definitely going. But get there early if you want a seat; it’s been filling up way before 8:30 lately. Which is great, as far as I’m concerned. Maybe not so great for those people who can’t get a seat.

Also, check it out: Cringe in New York magazine.

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