Que Sera Sera


Check it out: there’s an article about Cringe on page 14 of this week’s Time Out New York (the King Kong double issue with Jack Black on the cover), in the “Out There” section. The publicity is awesome, although it was unfortunate that the night the TONY reporter and photographer came out was our smallest Cringe yet—only 20 people or so, since they’re usually packed, sometimes standing room only—but we had some really good readers that night, so it worked out fine. Also not sure where Liz is getting that our material is limited, because I’ve got people lined up for the next one who’ve never read before, plus there’s a box in my closet in my parents’ house filled to the brim with every note anyone ever labeled TOP SECRET and slipped into my locker from sixth grade on, just waiting to be brought back to New York when I go home next week for Christmas.

We’re taking January off, so the next Cringe is Wednesday, February 1, 2006. For info, email me.

Here’s the article itself, and here's a scan, courtesy of Martin.

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