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Brooklyn Thanksgiving

This year marked my second Thanksgiving where I stayed here in New York. Although I miss my family at the holidays, I like these Brooklyn Friend Thanksgivings because they’re more relaxed, and they somehow make me feel like I’m grown up, which is 100% not true. There’s probably the same amount of alcohol consumed as at my family Thanksgiving, only more evenly dispersed, and if anyone’s shirt comes off, it’s because they lost the Jenga drinking game, not because they’re fixin’ to wrassle Travis. But my favorite thing about Brooklyn Thanksgivings is that they’re just sort of a catch-all of whoever’s left in town, so you end up sharing your holiday with people you might not ever meet otherwise. Like last year, when my friend Laura and I went to Ryan’s apartment, and I had a two-hour conversation about animal communication with this really nice vegetarian grad school couple, which I have to admit was fueled generously by turkey and some not completely legal substances. Then we all fell asleep watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I have not seen these people since, and probably never will, but hey, we sure did spend a holiday together.

This Thanksgiving, Megan and Albee and I made a whole lot of food in my kitchen and managed to get adequately sloshed and then recover before the guests arrived. The guests were some friends of Albee’s friends, two 23 year old investment bankers from Seattle named Derek and (I think) Brian. One was wearing a lot of argyle; the other told us about his morning protein shakes. They were both very nice. They brought flowers and wine and ice cream, helped clean the kitchen, took out the trash, and then cheated at Cranium just like everyone else, and hey, we sure did just spend a holiday together. I like that.

Also here are some pictures if you’re interested in that sort of thing, which obviously I am.

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