Que Sera Sera

Stay gold

All of my Tulsa friends forwarded me this link last week, and since it’s a worthy cause, I figured I’d use the internet for good for once and throw it up here. It seems the Hampton Inn is offering a $20,000 grant to save run-down historical sites along Route 66, and picking the recipient by online vote. It’s between some lame ass bridge that was in The Bridges of Madison County, and the Admiral Twin Drive-In, a classic Tulsa site featured in the movie The Outsiders, my dad’s high school hang out, the place where my parents took me to see Rocky in my pajamas in our old ‘78 Chevy, and, more recently, the scene of my Hulk-and-red wine-induced colorblindedness that resulted in me telling off Jon’s father in London over the phone at 1 am, much to the delight of my friends, judging by how many times this story gets re-told.

As Josh said, “I never watched Faces of Death I-IV or huffed nitrous at no bridge in fucking Iowa.”

You can vote daily! Come on, let’s do it for Johnny!

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