Que Sera Sera


First of all, I have to say that this Blizzard 2005 business is weak. So, it snowed. A lot. But it’s not like it snowed scorpions, or even thunder snowed, which I had heard some exciting rumors about and was very disappointed to get weather blueballed on. I don’t understand people freaking out about weather. It’s just weather. It’ll change eventually. That’s sort of what it does. In the meantime, there’s all this alcohol and Trivial Pursuit to deal with, so quit interrupting my program every five minutes.

After getting home at 3 am on Friday, I stayed inside the rest of the weekend and sort of glavened out, reorganizing my bookshelves into my own personal Dewey Decimal system that involves categories like Essays, Reference, Norse Mythology, Lost Generation, Edward Gorey, Hide When Mom Comes. My parents called me on Saturday night, and apparently they’re back in college because they’d been drinking margaritas and playing records, and insisted on holding the phone up so I could hear the entirety of a Peter, Paul and Mary song I’d liked when I was four years old. If you live in Tulsa, could you please drive over there and make sure they’re waking up and making it to class on time?

I didn’t leave the apartment until this morning, which was an odyssey involving both the Kraken and Circe and a near-riot at my subway stop. The train got stuck in the station full of passengers, and the platform kept filling up with more people, and then they ordered everyone off the train and no one could move. People decided a good way to handle this situation would be via yelling and then shoving and then fighting. I had my earmuffs on and was reading my book and trying to just ignore it all, which worked until I caught some guy’s elbow in my ribs. I arrived at work two hours late to find my boss out for the day and nothing in my inbox, so I’m going to order lunch in and then hide out in the ladies’ room and finish the dirty book I’m reading. Also, I just entered a Super Bowl pool even though I know nothing about football. I feel good! Let’s do this!

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