Que Sera Sera

Y tu

Last night Gael García Bernal ended up sitting next to us at the bar. He kept putting his drink down closer and closer to my coat, and I kept secretly hoping that he’d spill it, because then maybe he’d apologize and offer to buy me a new coat, and then whenever anyone would compliment my new coat, I could say, “Oh, thanks, it was a gift from Gael García Bernal.”

Instead we just ended up giving him our raffle tickets when we left. The whole walk to the train, we swapped names of the famous people we'd seen while furiously scanning the faces of everyone who passed us to see if they were famous, too. Scott won the minute he said “Rue McClanahan, with a face like leather.”

P.S. This happened one month to the day that Blaise made this comment. She is clearly a wizard or Fate or future-maker of some kind, so now I just need her to post about my scandalous affair with Christian Bale and sit back and wait. February is going to be so awesome.

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