Que Sera Sera


Any sort of commotion you might have heard today around midtown was probably the sound of the heavens opening up and raining glory down on my head, because this morning I got offered full time employment, with medical benefits and a 401K and a solid gold rocketcar, at MORE MONEY THAN I ASKED FOR. The HR lady said, “What salary range are you looking at?” and I said “X?” and she said, “No, no, say Y!” and I said “Okay, Y!” I probably shouldn’t say that here, like I’m bragging or talking about money or what have you, but I’ve been sleeping on the floor so long that the etiquette my mother has so diligently drilled into my head since birth seems to have sloughed right off. Granted, I’ll miss my Irish construction workers, especially the one who says to me every morning as I step off the elevator, “Ahh, Sarah, you’re the love of me life,” and I’ll even sort of miss having to wear a hard hat when I walk to the ladies’ room, but this job offer is without a doubt one of the Very Best Things that could have happened to me, and the timing couldn’t be better, since I was about one more bad day away from climbing a clocktower and reloading.

You know what this means, right? It means I get to stay here in New York, continue my adventure with financial reinforcements, pay off my student loans, afford to buy my fish new shoes, but most of all, it means I get to be reunited with the second love of my life. (First love of my life.)

In all earnestness, thank you all for your words of encouragement. I know we don’t know each other, but it was often oddly comforting that complete strangers had nice things to say to me. The next round’s on me, internet.

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