Que Sera Sera

Universal laws

Law #1:

If you get back a roll of film that has two months’ worth of pictures on it, and there are several pictures of you and someone you are no longer in contact with, the best picture of you on the roll will also be with this person.

Also, while you’re looking at your pictures, the lady next to you on the train will comment on what an attractive couple you make.

Law #2:

If you duck into the empty conference room to reach your hand up your skirt to adjust your tights, someone will invariably walk by the door and peek their head in at just that moment. “Hi!” you will say brightly, your face turning pink. “Just reaching my hand up my skirt to adjust my tights!” But they will be gone before you can even make the H-sound, thus rendering you—God, I don’t even want to write whatever horrible inside-his-head nickname this man must have for me now.

Also, of course it will be a man.

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