Que Sera Sera


I was sitting in the waiting area of the temp agency, surrounded by four or five other people, all of us in job interview clothes, all of us filling out paperwork on clipboards, when all of the sudden the woman next to me yanked her pantleg up to her knee to reveal her naked calf and shin ENTIRELY COVERED IN BALLPOINT PEN PHONE NUMBERS. She glanced at her leg, yanked her pant leg back down, and then went back to writing on her clipboard. This happened a few more times, like she was cheating on a test, only the test was her name and address and social security number and work history. I just sat there with my mouth half-open and tried to catch someone’s eye, but no one else noticed. I’m still not sure if this made me want to move a seat away from her or become her best friend, but I do know it made my morning extra awesome.

Ballpoint Pen Leg Lady, this one’s for you.

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