Que Sera Sera

Don’t be so quick to walk away!

On Saturday night we went to First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and danced to a DJ playing late ’80s hip hop in the third floor ballroom on the glass floor amidst all the art and chandeliers and other museum decor. If it had just been a little bit darker, and maybe there had been some club-kid/vampires lurking in the corners, it would have looked just like a scene from a bad movie. But the best part was that there was a DANCE-OFF right in front of us, like the crowd seriously cleared and formed a circle around this guy who looked like Peaches and this girl who looked like Tina Turner, and it made my life complete and whole and true in a way that the love of a good man never could.

Evidently tensions were high in Brooklyn that night, because then we went to the Gate, and a fight broke out right in front of our table, with the bartender holding people back and drunk blonde girls yelling. I had the misfortune of trying to slide past the gentlemen involved moments after it happened en route to the ladies’ room, and despite my excuse me, got elbowed in the ribs so hard that it knocked me into the wall. After I got my wind back I seriously considered clocking him for a minute, but then I remembered the part where he was drunk, twice my size, and already attending to someone else, so I just limped back to our table instead.

It was totally worth it to see the dance-off, though. I mean, do those happen in real life? Seriously.

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