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Meeting Cute 2

One of my 2003 resolutions was to flirt with a stranger on a train. Does it count if it actually happened on January 2, 2004?

After a long evening out drinking where Joshua and Lauren tried their hardest to set me up with a nice toothless man (who, to his credit, knew all four Ghostbusters’ full names), I totally met cute with a boy on the train ride home when his iPod got tangled on my bag strap. After a “you got chocolate on my peanut butter” exchange, we started talking and didn’t stop until moments before he almost missed his stop and had to run in order to stand clear of the closing doors. His name was Chris, his parents live in Missouri, and he looked sort of like if the kid from Escape to Witch Mountain had grown up to be a cute hipster. Judging from our 15 minute conversation and the excellent selection of music in his iPod, I have very little doubt that I will one day become Mrs. Sarah Chris, despite the fact that we both chickened out on the digit exchange, which warranted an earfull from Lauren on our walk home. It was crazy! Doors were closing! Stops were almost missed! It was almost worth it just to see the cute look of anguish on his face when he realized he was out of time!

Anyway, he’s only one stop down from mine, and I feel confident we’ll meet again. I mean, I know his name, and surely he’s left his Converse footprints all over the Atlantic Ave Q stop. He should be easy to find. I’ll just be like, “Tall guy, has an iPod and messenger bag?” and they’ll all be like, “Oh, you mean CHRIS.”

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