Que Sera Sera

Something brand new for that ass

Sweet sweet Internet, did you miss me? Because I missed you, baby. Finally! Back online, and with new digs! All the credit goes to John, who is a magical, wise and very patient man.

In the twelve long days since I last posted, I’ve slept a lot, gone to movies and concerts with my excellent roommates, bought a plunger, talked Amber’s ear off, narrowly avoided being abducted by an insane cab driver, visited some not-so-secret secret bars, had a job interview, talked on the phone to Brandon Bird and asked him to be my boyfriend (he said “sure!”), experienced firsthand the magic that is H&M, discussed our preferred motor oil and saw the Mark Ryden exhibit with Kerry, met cute boys at CMJ parties, had some severe late night doubts, thought that my appendix was going to leap from my abdomen, given up on post-season baseball, missed my friends and family terribly, and watched every single episode of I Love the ’80s Strikes Back. Darling Mo Rocca, won’t you be mine?

And New York, you’re swell and all, but I’ve yet to get properly drunk or be properly kissed. Step to it.

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