Que Sera Sera

On Exes and Exfoliating:

John: What’s a shower glove, wise woman?
Sarah: It’s like a loofah. Do you know what that is?
John: Of course not.
Sarah: It’s a rough shower scrub used to rub off the top layer of dead skin in order to expose the glowing complexion underneath. And someone made it into a glove.
John: AH! Does it hurt?
Sarah: No. It feels good.
John: Ahh…where can I pick up one of these?
Sarah: Target, probably. Everywhere. The Body Shop.
John: Cool.
Sarah: You should get one. You feel all tingly afterwards.
John: Is $14 enough to buy one?
Sarah: About $12 too much.
John: Excellent!
Sarah: Yes.
John: My inbox is empty.
Sarah: I am working on it, buddy!
Sarah: I have skin to exfoliate.
Sarah: Bands to see.
Sarah: Ex-boyfriends to avoid.
John: I hate those.
Sarah: They’re cumbersome.
John: If only we could get rid of them like so much dead skin.

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