Que Sera Sera

Ten Years Gone:

Sarah: I hate math. Anything after long division.
John: I can’t do long division. Calculus is easy compared to fucking long division. Integrating is fun compared to long division.
Sarah: I remember FOIL. That’s about it.
John: First Outer Inner Last?
Sarah: Yes! It makes the little man.
John: It makes the little man?
Sarah: I don’t know. Ninth grade was ten years ago.
John: For the life of me I can’t remember how to do that.
Sarah: Oh my God: Ninth grade was ten years ago.
John: You should definitely write about that.
Sarah: What to say? Ten years ago I was a virgin, and had some Blossom-esque bangs. Nirvana had yet to hit it big. I’m a dinosaur. I know not of Dawson, nor his Creek.
John: Exactly.

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