Que Sera Sera


Tony and I went to eat at Hideaway Pizza on Cherry Street last night (the most fabulous pizza in the whole world, I’m certain), and after the waiter brought us our drinks, we realized that sitting across the restaurant from us was none other than Topanga from Boy Meets World. Tony, the most mild-mannered, unexcitable person I know, was just beside himself with glee. I’ve never seen him so antsy. It must be a boy thing, because the two guys at the table behind us noticed her too, and could barely control themselves. I remember when Emily and I lived together my senior year, we could never leave to go out to eat on Friday night until after Tony and Joey had watched Boy Meets World. This from two intelligent, worldly men. They just had it bad for Topanga. Anyway, I got kind of excited myself, because she was sitting with a guy who looked exactly like James Frain, who has been in excellent movies like Titus and Elizabeth, and real stinkers like Where the Heart Is. A very odd couple, if you ask me. Also: Topanga had the biggest rock on her ring finger I’ve ever seen.

Such yokels, us. I wonder what the hell Topanga was doing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the day after Thanksgiving. Aside from enjoying the most fabulous pizza in existence. And the company of James Frain, or at least James Frain’s doppelganger.

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