Que Sera Sera

Lucky Ladybug:

Last night, I saw the Harry Potter movie with my parents. (Like I said: cred, down the drain.) I am not ashamed of my love and devotion for the Harry Potter books. Sure, I once scoffed with the rest of you scoffers, but then I read one, and I had to admit: excellent books. Make me wish I was nine again. But then, what doesn’t? The movie was fun to watch, but more of a supplement. However, it did reaffirm my desire to have British children. So rosy-cheeked! So well-scrubbed! Is it wrong to want to be called Mum someday?

Tony made me a CD, and I am so enamored with it, I am going to share the playlist with you all right now.

Sonic Youth – Wild Flower Soul
Built to Spill – Strange
Apples in Stereo – Tidal Wave
Folk Implosion – Chained to the Moon
Heavy Vegetable – E/Or
Guv’ner – Lucky Ladybug
Superchunk – Watery Hands
JSBX – Blue Green Olga
Jets to Brazil – Conrad
Modest Mouse – Summer
Caustic Resin – She’s Real
Neutral Milk Hotel – Engine
Pinback – (untitled)
Radiohead – In Limbo
Yo La Tengo – Sugarcube
Apples in Stereo – Stay Gold

You just can’t go wrong with a mix like that.

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