Que Sera Sera

O Mr. Littlejeans!

Basement-Life has a cool review of The Royal Tenenbaums, which I plan on seeing this weekend. Interesting side note: it was written by Joey Sweeney, who also wrote the fabulous year-end music article in Salon. I loved it so much, I wrote him an email:

To: Joey Sweeney
Re: Year End Music
I just want to commend you on your excellent article, and tell you to get out of my brain, because you are obviously living there. I’ve yet to read an article that I agree with 100%, especially about music. I should either find more controversial reading material, or marry you, but since my last boyfriend was named Joey and it would be way too weird to date two Joeys in one lifetime, I’ll just go look for something else to read.

Merry Merry,
Sarah B.

He responded:

that’s very sweet. thank you for the nice words. i just pulled a booger out of my nose that was so huge i couldn’t see my finger. oh my god.

Joey Sweeney
Contributing Editor
Philadelphia Weekly

Happy New Year’s, all.

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