Que Sera Sera


Last night I went to an excruciating modern arts center board meeting wherein a lot of loud annoying people attempted to talk over one another for two hours and thirty-four minutes. Leading the interruptions was Adverb Lady, thusly named because her favorite thing to interject, loudly, while the other person was still finishing their sentence was “Exactly!” or “Absolutely!” or “Desperately!”, which if you ask me is a pretty passive-aggressive way of pretending to be supportive, but in reality a) acting like previous comment was your idea, or b) sneaking a segue into your own comment, which has nothing at all to do with the previous comment. She was also the sort of person who would begin sentences with “Well, structurally speaking…” or “The guy I’m in contact with to film the Olympics…”, both of which I found irritating.

I had cramps and I was cranky, and I couldn’t wait to come home and put on my pajamas and eat my Godiva Belgian dark chocolate ice cream, however stereotypically female that may be.

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