Que Sera Sera

Quirky! Zany! Flaky!

I sat through Leap of Faith last night on NBC, and aside from it being a second-rate Sex in the City knock-off with a bland heroine and completely wasting Ken Marino from The State, it made me realize how many sitcoms begin with a girl running out on her wedding (Suddenly Susan, Friends, Will & Grace) and into her quirky new life. Why is this supposed to appeal to me? So she’s a spineless neurotic mess who couldn’t decide against a major life decision without meeting another guy first? And now I’m supposed to give a fuck about her?

Maybe I shouldn’t have broken off that last long-term relationship before he proposed. Then I could have run out of the church in a wedding dress, attractively frazzled, into the loving arms of my wacky friends (the Ditzy One, the Married One, the Horny One) and my zany new life, where I, without fail, work for an advertising company.

This is why I watch The Vicar of Dibley instead.

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