Que Sera Sera

Some scenes not suitable for children:

Do you remember the first PG-13 movie you were allowed to see in the theater, without your parents? Not R-rated; those are typically snuck into, or caught on HBO after the kids you were babysitting went to bed. The PG-13, however, is an acknowledged rite of passage. A big deal.

My first was Batman. I was twelve, and we were on vacation at the beach. It was the second rainy day in a row, and my brother and I were tired of being dragged around to kitschy shops, so my parents dropped us off at the theater while they went in search of yet another place that sold sand-dollar related artwork. Half of me was thrilled to be away from my parents and at a PG-13 movie alone, while the other half wanted to whine, Hey, that’s not fair, he’s only seven!

I also remember that, as luck would have it, I already happened to be wearing my very trendy Batman T-shirt that day (with my Keds, cuffed jean shorts, and coordinating fluorescent yellow socks, natch). Unfortunately, the logo on the shirt glowed in the dark. I was terrified that someone might notice my own personal bat signal in the theater, so I sat through the entire movie with the box of popcorn held directly in front of me.

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