Que Sera Sera

Not Naming Names:

Some people refuse to go see the new dragon movie with me when it opens next weekend.

Some people scoff at all my attempts to explain how dragons are cool, and hip. How everybody likes dragons. See, look, that nice man has one on his arm. And look, there’s one in this 1980s movie on Showtime at 10:30 on a Sunday night, which is known in some circles as “the dragoning hour.”

Some people should not laugh when I say “dragoning hour.”

Some people refuse to see the new dragon movie because it features Christian Bale.

Some people, perhaps, see through my ruse of referring to it as “the new dragon movie” instead of “the new Christian Bale movie.”

Some people require reassurance that they are indeed foxier than Christian Bale, shirtless or no.

Some people really are.

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