Que Sera Sera

Telephone call from Emily:

“I just needed to call you and let you know that I have officially gone over the edge. First of all, I was watching Rosie, and secondly, when Elmo came on to say goodbye, and I totally teared up.”

“Oooh. That’s worse that Han Solo.”

“I know! It’s horrible!”

“Well, don’t worry. I assure you both Rosie and Elmo will live on, in some form or another.”

“Oh, I know. Rosie told Elmo not to worry, because when you love someone, they never go away.”

“Evidently Rosie has never gone through a breakup.”

“I guess that’s how it is when the only things you love in life are puppets.”

“That probably sums Rosie’s love life up more than we know.”

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