Que Sera Sera

Twenty Questions with S and K, ages 10 and 9:

Me: Okay, it’s a person. Go.

K: Is it a girl?

Me: No.

S: Is it a boy?

K: S! She already said that.

S: Okay, is it Freddie Prinze Jr.?

Me: No.

K: Is he old?

Me: Define old.

S: Is he more than 20?

Me: Yes.

K: Is he white, or black?

S: It has to be a yes or no question, like, is he or is he not white?

Me: He’s white.

K: Is he famous?

Me: Yes.

S: Is he a basketball player?

Me: No.

S: Is he Michael Jordan?

Me: Um, no.

K: Is he like an actor or an artist or a singer or an inventor or something?

Me: That’s a lot of questions. Narrow it down a little.

K: Okay… is he a comedian?

S: She already said he’s not black, K.

Me: Comedians don’t have to be black, you guys.

S: Right, like Jim Carrey.

Me: Maybe you should phrase your questions a little more specifically.

K: Okay… does this person use something that isn’t part of his body?

Me: I… what?

S: Are you sure it isn’t Freddie Prinze Jr.?

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