Que Sera Sera


Emily: …so we could have it in their Vista Room, but only if we don’t use candles.

Sarah: So? It’s going to be during the day, right?

Emily: Right. But God knows that my mother might freak out if there’s not a unity candle.

Sarah: Unity candles are so overrated anyway. Why not have unity flashlights?

Emily: Or maybe we could both carry floor lamps?

Sarah: What about those miners’ helmets with the little lights on the front?

Emily: Right! We could both wear one. Or, I could just wear one of those beercan hats, and he could drink from it.

Sarah: Why does it have to be light-related at all? What about a unity puppy? Or why don’t you just have a unity baby? Nothing brings people together like babies.

Emily: Maybe we could put it in a manger!

Sarah: This is going to be the best wedding ever.

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